Thursday, May 3, 2012

Can I have...

Can I have something to eat?

Can I have something to drink?

Can I have it in a bottle so I can watch a show?

Can you put a show on for me?

Can you put on iCarly and not this show?

Can I paint?

Can I go to a friend's now?

Can I have a tattoo?

Can you find the tattoos for me?

Can I have some pudding?

Can you get the soap for me, but don't pump it 'cause I want to do it?

Can you put Good Luck Charlie on?

Can you get me a blanket?

Can I have a tattoo now?

Can I have some more of that red drink?

Can I go outside and wait for Brothers?

Can you help me put my shoes on?

All in an hour's time.  Maybe all day Kindergarten won't be the worst after all.

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