Sunday, February 1, 2009

Happy February

I don't like to wish time away any faster than it already goes by, but I am not too sad to see the month of January behind us.

January has always been a hard month for me. It follows the months of big holidays and all of the parties and festivities that go along with them. Then the fun ends and we begin January - a pretty snowy, cold and generally gray month - all 31 days of it. I remember when I worked (out of this house) I had a giant calendar that hung on the wall in front of my desk that I entered all of my important pay codes and corresponding weekly number hieroglyphics on. (One of our accountants once compared my filing techniques to the ones of the girl that worked in the office in the movie Tommy Boy - he was not that off. I do tend to have my own systems.) Anyway, everyday at five o' clock I would cross off the day with a big X. (My boss used to come in and laugh at me and tell me it looked like I was in prison - he was also not that off! Ha!) ANYWAY, the month of January always seemed to last forever. Those X'ed off days appeared at a snail's pace. When I finally got to rip that page off the wall, it felt like spring was right around the corner.

I don't loathe the month of January anymore. Most importantly because it is the month of Hailey's birth. Now after the holidays have come and gone I get to focus my attention on her birthday and party and all the fun planning stuff that goes with that. By the time we have celebrated her birthday, the month is close to half over! Today the kids and I went outside and made a "welcome February" snowman. It was very nice out. Above freezing so the snow was in great packing condition. The sun was shining and I was even comfortable without a hat or gloves. See, spring is just around the corner!

Hailey wasn't very happy to be outside. She liked carrying her bucket around but then didn't want to do anything but stand and cry. Maybe she is sad to see January go...

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dr said...

Great pics, Jen. The kids looked like they had a ball. Except Hailey, I love the last photo. Maybe the kids can make a snowman in our yard!